Before starting your computer


In this type of computers an UPS system is the most important thing because the main power line of your home may cut-off when you are using your computer. Sudden disconnection of electric power will shut down your computer instantly and leads to some defects to your computer and also lose data which you are working on that time. So you should use an UPS system so that you can save your project after disconnection of electricity and shut down your computer neatly.


For this type of computers only you have to switch on the power button directly.

After start-up

1.     For Windows 7 & Earlier Version of Windows:

i.       Wait sometime for loading/starting the startup applications.

ii.     Press right click and then refresh or just right click and cancel the right menu.

[After startup the computer, the right click option takes some time to activate. So you have to activate it by press right click button only. Otherwise sometime it resulting slowdown the computer]

iii.  After these steps you can do your work properly.

2.     For windows 8 to new versions of windows:

i.       In these versions of windows, it is not important for right click/refresh. It�s your choice.